We believe in people’s ideas

Squash the ideas invests in people. We believe their ideas can make our products optimally effective and efficient for clients, helping them in winning their future.

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Who we are

Hello! We're Squash, Your Marketing Agency!

Based out of Dublin, we deliver our services globally. Our unique approach to delivering marketing services is due to our international influence and tech background. We believe that everything is connected and people make the difference. We believe in ideas and work towards making those a reality.

We are a diverse team of individuals specialized in: digital marketing, video making, digital&graphic design,social media marketing, operating throughout europe!

What we do

We believe in ideas and work towards making those a reality.

We plan objectives with our customers and create a strategy for reaching them. We provide instruments and carry out every single step with competence, promptness and passion. We handle, measure and reach goals.

Digital Marketing & PR

Video Making & Storytelling

Branding & Advertising

Digital Marketing & PR

How we do it

We handle, measure and reach goals.

Systems thinking is how we make sense of our clients’ communications systems, where we work to optimise the system as a whole and not just the individual components.

We have a vision
because we value ideas

We are transparent
because we play fair.

We are always on the move
because we play the future

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